Woodland QAL

I will try to remember to update this page so that it will provide easy access to all the quilt-along posts.

Please forgive me if I occasionally forget!

Introduction- This post tells what the quilt-along is about, how you enter and where you can buy the patterns.

The Prizes- A breakdown of all the generous sponsors and the prizes that you can win.

Week 1 - The Mouse- See the two versions of the mouse which I have sewn

Week 2- The Badger- This post contains details of the slight alterations that I made to my 8 inch badger and also a tip for the accurate sewing together of papers with acute angles.

Week 3- The Bunny- This post contains a wee tip on how to deal with teeny tiny pieces.

Week 4- The Squirrel- This post contains a great tip on pressing bulky seams.

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