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All of my patterns are tested before they are released. These days I always sew a new pattern myself first.This allows me to find constructions faults and other issues with the patterns. I then send the pattern to two or three testers to check for mistakes and inconsistencies. If there are multiple sizes or variations included within a single pattern, then every single version is tested.

All of this means that I have regular need for pattern testers. In the past, people volunteered on a pattern by pattern basis. My email inbox was a mess and it was difficult to keep track of who has tested and who has not.

I have decided to consolidate my tester list, so I have created a sign-up list below.

Giving your details does not mean that you will receive an invitation to pattern test straight away.  I will mix my existing testers with new pattern testers, so it may take some time.

When a pattern is ready for testing, I will send out an email. I will give a timescale in which the pattern needs to be tested (normally between 2 weeks and a month depending on the size of the pattern). I realise that sometimes real life gets in the way and it is not possible to get a pattern tested within the allotted time. Please please please let me know as soon as you realise that you cannot fulfil your commitment. Failure to do so will mean that you are dropped from the list immediately.

I am looking for people who are detail oriented and can find mistakes and inconsistencies in my patterns. All positive feedback is welcome. If something is wrong, I want to know. If something is difficult to construct, I want to know. It something looks strange or could be done better I want to know.

Pattern testers are required to send me a photo of their work and whatever feedback they have.

I acknowledge testers in my patterns, so please write your name the way that you wish to see it in print. If you want me to include your surname, please give it. If you just want your first name, just give that.

I have also asked for a website. You do not have to have a blog, but you do have to have a public instagram account or some way that I can see your work before I send you a pattern to test. Please understand that I take great pride in creating high quality patterns and I like to be able to check that my testers are capable of creating neat, accurate work. Some patterns may be suitable for beginners, but the majority of my patterns require previous paper piecing experience.

If you are giving an instagram handle you will need to write it as:
For me this would be http://www.instagram.com/tartankiwi

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If you have any questions, ask them below and I will answer them publicly here so that everyone knows the answer


  1. I have never been a tester, but would love to try.
    What is the usual size of the project?
    Do we usually do a project with the pattern, such as a pillow. Or are you more interested in trying the pattern?
    Are you okay if we turn a project down?

  2. Hi Heide,
    Patterns are generally a single block, but these can vary in size from as small as 6 inch to as big as 60 inch. I allow more time for the bigger blocks unless I have a really pressing deadline.

    You are free to use whatever fabrics you want and do whatever you want with the finished block. I don't like to lay conditions on my testers as it is my first opportunity to see what people do with patterns.

    I will add a bit of extra to the text above as I've just realised what that I forgot to include some information.

    I do not expect testers to do every single pattern. You all have your own lives and commitments. Just respond to the patterns that you are interested in. If nothing else, I get a first indication that a pattern is not popular if nobody volunteers to test it!

    1. Thanks so much for answering my questions. Feeling excited.

  3. I would love to test but the sign up form will not accept my blog or my Instagram handle

  4. I could only get it to work if I included the https:// bit. So https://www.instagram.com/ and then your name if you are linking to IG


I love your comments and do my best to answer them.

Sorry, I have decided to disallow anonymous comments again, the spam was getting a bit too annoying. If you want to contact me, feel free to email, there is a link in the sidebar.


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