Saturday, 14 August 2021

Announcing The Sleigh Ride Sew-Along

Come and join the Sleigh Ride Sew-along! It doesn't matter where you live in the world or what fabrics you use, all are welcome!

It's going to be fun and a bit more relaxed than I initially intended! The Sew-along will be centred around sewing a table runner.


But there will also be options for quilts if you prefer:

The pattern works really well if you want to stick to a very limited colour pallet, but you can also go bold and use all your favourite Christmas fabrics.

Santa is an exclusive block for the sew-along. Only those who sign up before Midnight on 25th August (NZT) will receive him. He will not be available again until this time next year, so get him now if you're interested.

Santa comes with options. This is the main block which has some pretty tiny pieces at the nose and belt.

This is the simplified block which does not have any facial details and has a very simple belt.

The schedule for the Sew-Along will be as follows:

19th August: Planning, choosing fabrics and printing templates.

26th August: Sewing the Sleigh

2 September: Sewing the First Reindeer  

9th September: Sewing additional Reindeer  

16th September: SANTA BONUS BLOCK!!!  

23rd September: Construct your table runner  

30th September: Show us your complete Project.

If you want to get involved all that you have to do is buy the pattern. You will automatically be signed up to receive the sew-along weekly newsletters. If you don't wish to receive the sew-along updates, you are welcome to unsubscribe, but if you unsubscribe before 16th September you will not receive the exclusive bonus pattern.

When you purchase the pattern, you will receive three files- the reindeer pattern, the sleigh pattern and an introductory letter that has details about how to join the facebook group. I strongly suggest that you join the Facebook group as it is a friendly and welcoming place where people share their progress and ask for help/ advice.

You can purchase the Sleigh Ride Patterns in my Payhip and Etsy stores.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Let the fun begin!


P.S. the Reindeer and the Sleigh are also available individually if you prefer.

P.P.S. Unfortunately this post only contains computer mock-ups. This is because my preparation for the sew-along was severely hampered by my ruptured achilles tendon. The updated patterns have been carefully tested by a number of testers and I stand behind them 100%. I can't wait to sew my own versions of the patterns when my ankle is healed enough.

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