Thursday, 8 February 2018

Announcing the On The Wire Pattern Club

While on Summer holiday in a beautiful part of New Zealand called Glenorchy this Summer, I couldn't help but fall in love with cute little birds called riflemen. They are a species of New Zealand Wrens and these tiny birds can often be seen in forests flitting around in groups of three or four.

I didn't take my computer on holiday with me, but when I got home, I sat down and quickly sketched a pattern. After having worked on secret projects for most of last year, it felt like a luxury to have a project that I could share without limitations, so I shared images of all my trial blocks on instagram. I wanted to show people that I really work at perfecting my patterns. There is thought and care put into the construction. I don't just draw the pattern and immediately send it to testers without sewing the pattern myself.

I sewed this particular pattern six times before I sent it off to be testers. Now I must admit that I don't usually sew a pattern quite this number of times, but it is a quick and easy pattern to sew and lots of different variations on pattern kept on popping into my head so I couldn't resist trying them all out.

My initial pattern was 6 inch, but while I was perfecting the construction of the block, I also tried it as a 12 inch pattern. I took a poll on instagram asking what size of block people wanted. The results were pretty inconclusive, so I decided to include both in the pattern.

While I was playing with the pattern, a few Brits commented that the pattern looked like a wren, but that its tail needed to point upwards. I also received a few polite requests from Australians who were keen for me to design a Fairy Wren pattern. Now I must admit that I tend to design what I want rather than what others request (this way, I can work on projects that I am passionate about and I am more likely to give my best work), but these weren't commissions and I loved the idea of a series of wrens all sitting next to each other.

So I hatched a plan.

A series of wren blocks was the result. There is the possibility for each of the wrens to sit on a wire, so you can create a quilt with a row of birds sitting on a telegraph wire.

Today I am launching the first of those wren patterns. I've put a lot into the pattern and I'm extremely proud of the result. The pattern contains the templates for:
  • A 6 inch left facing wren sitting on a rock
  • A 6 inch right facing wren sitting on a rock
  • A 6 inch left facing wren sitting on a wire
  • A 6 inch right facing wren sitting on a wire
  • A 12 inch left facing wren sitting on a rock
  • A 12 inch right facing wren sitting on a rock
  • A 12 inch left facing wren sitting on a wire
  • A 12 inch right facing wren sitting on a wire
Not only this, but the pattern is jam packed with diagrams, colouring sheets, a key to help you keep track of your fabrics and fabric requirements. In fact, this simple block pattern consists of 25 pages.
Those who are confident piecing tiny pieces can sew one of the 6 inch versions of the pattern. Those who are not so confident can start with the 12 inch version and move onto the 6 inch version as their skills develop.

There are two ways that you can buy. the pattern:

1. Buy the individual pattern. From my Etsy, Payhip or Craftsy store.

2. Sign up for the On the Wire Pattern Club. By signing up you will be emailed one wren pattern per month for five months. The first four patterns will be released as individual patterns and will contain a comparable amount of detail.  In the fifth month a bonus pattern will be sent to club subscribers. This final pattern will not be released as an individual pattern, the only way to receive it will be through the Pattern Club. You can sign up for the Pattern Club on Etsy, Payhip or Craftsy.

Knowing me, I have probably overlooked mentioning an important detail, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will reply to your queries directly in this blog post.


  1. Great idea but wanted to know what the cost of the club is. Thanks.

    1. Exact price may vary depending on exchange rates and taxes etc, but it is approximately US$21 for the club.

  2. All of your animal patterns are wonderful, and I'm eager to make several of them. For the On the Wire club, those first four patterns are different wrents, right? Not the different configurations this first wren comes in. Your prices are very reasonable.

    1. Yes, each month you will receive a different wren pattern.

  3. I just had to join! The Wren is my favorite bird ~ I have one tattooed on the inside of my wrist. Looking forward to making these little birds.

  4. When does the pattern club start? or when is the last day to sign up?

  5. Will the 5th pattern be a wren also?

  6. This is so cool! Just bought the subscription - what a delightful set of patterns - thank you so much!!



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