Monday, 24 July 2017

Woodland Quiltalong2-Block 3- Hedgehog

This week's woodland critter is a hedgehog.

This little guy was the first pattern that I designed in the woodland2 series. I was playing with the idea of a hedgehog design and had tried a variety of different things, when I thought of having him peak round the edge of the block. I quickly realised that it was the beginning of a new series and had great fun coming up with the other designs.

While the pattern has more pieces of fabric in it than the otter, there are those who will find it easier to sew. The joining of the paper sections requires less precision, there is more wiggle room.

You can now find the individual hedgehog pattern in my Etsy, Craftsy and Payhip stores.

All finished hedgehog blocks posted on instagram using the hashtags #woodlandqa2, #tartankiwi and @tartankiwi by the end of 31 July (in your own timezone) will be eligible to win your choice of 6 Amy Friend pdf quilt block patterns. The winner will be drawn at random.

I am loving seeing all the amazing woodland critters appearing in my instagram feed. You lot are a creative bunch! So many fun colours and textures! Keep them coming!


  1. Mines all finished and his name is Henry.........and his claws and my fingers are crossed xxx

  2. Woodland critters are something new to me.its So colourful and nicely done. I am surely borrowing some of your designs and using them for my home decoration.


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