Monday, 17 July 2017

Woodland Quiltalong2- Block 2 Otterly Adorable

 Meet Otterly Adorable- the latest pattern in the Woodland Quiltalong 2.

The Otter is a pattern which has been in development for a long time. When I originally drew it, he had his mouth open in a cheeky expression.

I loved it, but when I sewed it, there were some imperfections in my sewing. I realised that I had made it really difficult by giving the pattern seven points on a single seam that needed to be aligned precisely when sewing the sections together. I felt as if I was setting people up for dissatisfaction and for frustration. I knew that I could improve on the pattern, but at that moment in time I couldn't think how.

I laid it aside and moved onto another project.

When I decided to sew a second group of woodland block, the otter came out of the woodwork. I quickly realised that the easiest way to fix the problem was by simplifying the mouth. I closed the otter's mouth and looked at the pattern again. Granted there will be people who say that the pattern has lost part of it's charm, but I want people to enjoy their paper piecing experience, so I'm willing to accept the compromise.

This pattern is slightly more complicated than the kingfisher. There are eight paper sections. I strongly recommend the use of basting stitches when sewing the sections together. This will allow you to work as accurately as possible and will make it easier to resew seams which are not quite accurate first time round.

The pattern can be bought as part of the woodland bundle. It can also be bought as an individual pattern.

It can be bought from Etsy, Craftsy or Payhip.

Full details of the woodland quiltalong2 can be found here.


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