Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Woodland Quilt-Along- The Badger

Hands up who can spot the alterations that I made to my 8 inch badger.

Yes, it's all in the eye!

I started sewing my 8 inch badger and realised that I didn't really like the square eye which the pattern has. It works well on the 4 inch block, but to me it looks a bit clumsy on the bigger blocks. I decided to round the corners so I added 3 teeny tiny extra pieces. I'm glad I did, I think it alters the face for the better.

If you wish to make a similar alteration, The following diagram of Piece B shows the teeny tiny extra sewing lines marked in red. Let's call the extra lines pieces 1a, 1b, and 1c. It doesn't matter what order that you sew these pieces. Sew all these extra pieces before sewing piece 2.

Woodland Weekly Paper Piecing Tip!

The acute outline of the tip of piece B can sometimes be a little bit awkward when trimming the fabric around the edges and then sewing the paper pieces together. The fabric can sometimes slip a tiny bit, meaning that the seam allowances become smaller and it can be difficult to line everything up accurately.

To stop this from happening, you can place 3 or 4 simple basting stitches within the seam allowance before you trim. This keeps everything in place and I find it easier to sew the papers together accurately.

I am loving seeing your blocks appearing on instagram, keep them coming and don't forget to use the hashtag #woodlandqa
It's not too late to join the quilt-along!
You can buy the patterns from my Etsy store, my Payhip store or my Craftsy Store.
If you need a refresher of what the quilt-along is all about you can find the details here and you can read about the prizes here.

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