Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Introducing the Mini Woodland Quilt-Along


A few weeks ago, I spent a lovely morning with Kristy of Quietplay. It was wonderful to spend time talking about pattern design and quilting with someone who knows exactly what I am talking about.

In the few days before we met, it suddenly occurred to me that it would be nice to make her a wee gift and since I knew that she loves both mini mini quilts and blueberry park fabric, I decided to combine the two.

First up, I designed a mouse. To be honest, its a simplified version of a mouse that turns up in another quilt and which I haven't yet shared on social media. I sewed it quickly and that night I hand stitched the binding while attending stitch group.

When the girls saw it, they loved it and there were requests for a whole set of patterns that could be sewn into coasters. I thought about it and by the end of the evening we had come to the agreement that if I designed the patterns, they would test them for me!
The original mini minis were a teeny tiny 4 inch finished block, if I'm honest that means that some of the pieces are insanely small. To make the patterns accessible to as many people as possible I have provided each pattern as a 4 inch block, a 5 inch block, a 6 inch block and an 8 inch block. Feel free to upsize the patterns even further if you desire.

Mid way through the design process, it struck me that it would be fun to hold a bit of an event- a Mini Woodland Quilt-Along. These blocks are quick and satisfying to sew. They are the perfect summer project for those days when you want to achieve something quickly and to feel as if you have actually achieved something, but don't have the time or energy to start on a new complicated project.

The majority of the event will be held in instagram, but I will write blog posts to support and explain.

The Nitty-Gritty

The quiltalong consists of four woodland patterns which are quick and easy to sew- a mouse, a bunny, a squirrel and a badger. Each week we will sew one block.

The patterns are available in a bundle and can be purchased from my Etsy, Payhip and Craftsy stores. For the duration of the quilt-along, the bundle will be available for the bargain price of US$7.50 (or as close to this as possible taking exchange rates into account!).

Your challenge is to make something with the blocks. You might want to make a set of coasters, you might want to make a mini mini quilt, you might want to make a zipper pouch, you might want to make a cover for your kindle, you might want to sew a cushion or a pin cushion... the possibilities are endless.

The only stipulation is that to be eligible for prizes you need to show a completed item. Just sewing the blocks is not enough to be entered in the draw.

Your entry in the prize draw will take into account the number of blocks that are used to create a finished item.

If you sew a cushion with all four blocks, you will gain four entries in the draw. If you sew a zipper pouch with one block, you will gain one entry.

How to Enter

To enter your items in the prize draw, post them on instagram using the hashtag #woodlandqa and tag me - @tartankiwi

Important Dates

We will kick off the fun today and entries will close on Sunday 28th August at 6:00pm NZT (remember that New Zealand timezone is ahead of the rest of the world).

Sorry, I would have left the prize draw open for a little bit longer, but I really want to send all the prizes out before I go to Scotland (I'll be teaching a class in Edinburgh while I'm over so hop over here if you want more details).

This post is pretty long already, so I will write another post tomorrow with details of the generous sponsors, prizes and any other details which I have undoubtedly forgotten.

Ask if you have any burning questions that I have forgotten to mention.

I hope you join the fun- I can't wait to see what everyone sews.


  1. Oh how fun!! I am joining. popping over to get the patterns now.

  2. I am not on Instagram. I am thankful that you will post the information here!!

  3. I already fell in love looking at the pictures of the critters... So time to get busy... Thank you for sharing your cutesy designs!

  4. These are so cute I love your creations!


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