Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Quilt Market Adventures and a New Pattern

As most of you will no doubt know, Quilt Market is a big event in the Quilting calendar. Twice a year the quilting world comes together, new fabrics are introduced and contacts are made.

If I'm completely honest, watching it all happen on the other side of the world can be pretty frustrating. You feel out of the loop and it's tough watching all the American bloggers get involved when time and budget considerations mean that it is virtually impossible for little old me over here in New Zealand to get involved.

This year, was a little bit different and I had my own littel quilt market excitement. In the run up to quilt market, I received a message from Frances Newcombe who, together with Jane Davidson, was presenting her new Franny and Jane fabric line Manderley for Moda. She asked if I would design a pattern for her booth. I have worked with Frances' fabrics before and love them so it was an easy decision to say yes.

For a wee while, it looked as if it wouldn't go ahead as it would be cutting things very fine for her to send me the fabric. In the end, we agreed that I would design the pattern and Frances would sew it.

After designing the pattern, I gave the pattern a trial run. I made a conscious decision to use a more muted colour scheme than I normally use and I chose a scrappy style. I'm really pleased how well it worked out.

I love the version of the pattern that Frances created. Isn't it stunning!

Here are some photos of the cushion in her booth.

My testers did an amazing job with the pattern:

I'm more than a little bit in love with Anjeanette's version of the block and super impressed that her son chose the fabrics for it- great job!

I always take it as a compliment when testers say that blocks come together easier than expected and a couple of testers (including Kim) made that comment.  I'm pretty sure that the metallic prints in this fabric will look stunning in the right light.

I love Patti's eye for fabric. She has been testing for me for a long time and I can trust her to come up with something beautiful every time.

I'm ashamed to admit that I have mislaid the photo of Zsofia's crane, but she also did a great interpretation of the block and gave me some great feedback.

You can find the crane pattern in my Etsy, Payhip and Craftsy Stores. 

Remember that the coupon code "flashsale" will give you a discount on my Etsy and Payhip stores until 10 June.


  1. What a lovely crane it is! I'm always amazed at your creations and all the results of the testers! Bravo to all who helped! The pillow looks fabulous in the booth too! Great job!

  2. Another gorgeous design Juliet! I'm glad your talent was able to be represented at Market. That pillow just shines center stage in the booth. I've passed along the good news of your sale - hoping you get lots of great sales in the next few days :*)


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