Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Large Seahorse Pattern Release

I know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this pattern, so it makes me extremely happy to announce that my 50 inch (that's a whopping 127cm) Seahorse pattern has finally been released.

As you may remember, the pattern was inspired by Alison Glass' Handcrafted Indigo fabrics. I loved all the different shades of blue and knew that they would be great for depicting the sea.

It was a spur of the moment project, made at a time that I needed a fun project to relieve stress. I was blown away by the enthusiastic reception that it received and I have been fighting to find the time to release the pattern ever since.

Part of the reason that the pattern has taken so long is that I wanted to get it thoroughly tested. The Running Zebra and the Seahorse are the first patterns that I have released on larger paper and as such I was a bit more cautious than normal with testing. It is also only fair to allow tester the time to do justice to these largescale designs.

Now before you panic about the larger paper, I have done my best to keep everyone happy.

The pattern has been formatted for A3/ Ledger (11" x 17") paper but I have included instructions for this who wish to print it on A4/ Letter paper.

Those printing on A4 paper will create a seahorse block which measures approximately 35" x 35" (89cm x 89cm).

Those printing on letter paper will create a seahorse block which measures approximately 33" x 33" (84cm x 84cm). Just to prove that this is possible, Zsofia created a test block using foundations that were printed on letter paper.

I should probably mention a  14 inch version of the seahorse pattern will be released in a week or two. this pattern will contain two variations on the pattern- a slightly simplified version of the large seahorse and a version with a non-fractured background.

 I can't wait to see all the Seahorses that you create. Here are the ones that my testers sewed. Didn't they do a wonderful job!

Paper Pieced Seaohorses
Top Row Zsofia's 33 inch seahorse. Middle Row: Chrissie, Afton, Alissa. Bottom Row: Amy, Nancy, Renata

You can find the pattern in my Etsy Store, my Payhip Store and my Craftsy Store.


  1. Love your seahorse pattern and all the seahorse quilts!! Congrats!!

  2. I grabbed my copy last night as soon as I saw you IG post. Lovely to see all the different versions here! I can't wait to make my large version - now I just have to decide whether I want to go to a print store to print on the larger paper or just print it at home and have it come out a little smaller. Decisions, decisions!

  3. Your work is amazing Juliet! This seahorse is so beautiful!


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