Thursday, 10 September 2015

My In Flight Quilt

It's almost time to wrap up the In Flight Quilt-Along. 
All that remains is to show you my finished quilt and to announce the winners. 
I'll have to save the winners for another day (I haven't had a chance to visit all the entries and draw the winners).
Today I'll show you my finished quilt.

At a whopping 94" x 94", this is the biggest quilt that I've made to date and the moment that it came back from being quilted by Leeanne of Quilt Me Kiwi (even in its unbound state) it went straight onto our bed. 

It is such a wonderful feeling to sleep under a quilt that I have designed and sewn. To know that I didn't give up at that point halfway through where I lost heart and second guessed all my choices.

I am really glad that I followed my gut and designed three extra birds. The quilt would have been too empty without them. I am also more than happy with the mixture of 12 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch blocks. To me the inclusion of the 18 inch blocks adds to the feeling of movement and perspective.

The yarn dyed Essex linen which I used for the background compliments the oakshott cottons perfectly. It has a kind of subtle sheen to it and as with the shot cottons, it appears slightly different depending on how the light hits it. As for the Oakshott cottons, the intensity of their colour practically glows- I love it!

When it came to the quilting, I gave pretty minimal instructions to Leeanne. I was happy to trust her to do her thing. I know that she does amazing work and I recognise that my specialism is piecing and hers is quilting. Why should I interfere?

Leeanne knows that I like her to stitches the ditch around the birds and add subtle detail to them. In the background I asked for movement, clouds and wind. Leeanne did not disappoint.

For the binding I wanted something that wouldn't detract from the colour of the birds. I was going to use solid black, but in the end used Carolyn Friedlander Scribble Notes. Sometimes I think I should have stuck with black, but in general I am pleased with the binding. 

When I look at this quilt, it makes me smile. I designed it at a point when I was going through a bit of a crisis in confidence. I felt that my patterns were too boring and literal and I wanted to break away and try something new.

Although I have not necessarily followed on down the same design path, I am tremendously proud of this series of patterns. I think that I achieved what I set to achieve. I designed blocks which didn't necessarily have the same amount of fine detail that I would normally include, but they still have impact and drama. More importantly, they have the movement that is needed for flying birds.

That said, I think that the thing that I love the most about the In Flight patterns is the creative freedom that they allow each individual in their interpretation of the birds. I love that some of you have chosen to use solids, some have gone scrappy and others have opted for florals. They all work. I love that some of you have chosen an ordered layout and others have gone their own way and designed a layout which works for you.

Me? I love my haphazard layout and the combination of small single colour birds and bigger multi-shade birds. It suits me- made with half a plan and a lot of making it up as I go along.


  1. This is such a beautiful quilt, I bet it looks fantastic on your bed. I have the pattern and it is on my list to use all or some of it, one day soon.

  2. Seriously stunning - it has so much movement and life to it!

  3. This is just amazing Juliet - love the colourful birds against the grey background and the quilting is just perfect!

  4. I love the look of it, it has drama and beauty.

  5. Nice binding choice! You must be over the moon to enjoy this quilt WITH the binding on :-) Thanks again for letting me quilt your fun & funky quilts they are always so much fun. Happy weekend to you.

  6. Your quilt is as amazing as your designs! Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Wow great to see it all finished Juliet - what a journey!! I'm looking forward to seeing mine completed, one day, looks like I should do a mock layout and see what sized blocks I need to finish it.

  8. Beautiful - it's amazing and so are you. Can't say much more than - LOVE your work xx

  9. Its GORGEOUS! You should be so proud of it, its amazing!!

  10. I am a birdwatcher and quilter. Your quilt says it all !!!


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