Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In Flight- Block 15- Hawk

Its been a while since we started this journey, but here it is.
The final block of the quilt-along.
The final bird is the hawk. I can't claim that there is any particular reason for the inclusion of this specific bird. If I'm perfectly honest, I justs liked the silhouette of it flying and liked the idea of another bird of prey in the quilt.

You can find the pattern in my Etsy and Payhip stores.
 I hope you have enjoyed sewing these birds and that you get lots of enjoyment from your finished quilts.

I know that I have learnt a lot in the process of designing, compiling and sewing these patterns. I hope that you have too, maybe your piecing has become more accurate or maybe you have learnt about colours and layout. I'd love to hear about your learning journeys.
I know that I've been promising to get the final linky up soon and have been woefully slack about it. I promise to get my act together soon!

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  1. I have loved the birds and we love our quilt that is used every night - gorgeous designs you very clever lady xx


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