Wednesday, 5 August 2015

In Flight- Block 14- Wren

After this blog post is written, my job for the day is to trim and bind my In Flight Quilt. I must admit that we've been sleeping under it (in it's unfinished state) since it arrived back from the quilters so it really is time that I got down to work and finished the quilt.

As I was making the quilt, I worried slightly about my choice of Essex linen as the background fabric, but it lends an wonderful weight to the quilt which is really cozy to lie under. I love it!

Today's block is the Wren. When I originally designed it, I thought that the piecing of the feathers might become a bit insane, but the testers who sewed the 12 inch version of the pattern assure me that it looks harder than it is. So don't be intimidated!

If I'm totally honest, my interpretation of this block is not my favourite. If I were to sew it again, I would change the way that I used the fabrics around the body and the tail. The way that I have done it makes the body look chunky and blocky but that said, I don't hate it enough to sew the block again.

As with the Thrush, I made my Wren an 18 Inch block. I am really loving the addition of the 18 inch blocks, I think it really adds to the appearance of a flock of haphazard birds reeling around in the sky, some close by, some far away.

You can find the block in my Etsy Store and my Payhip Store. As always with this quilt-along, the pattern will be available at a reduced price for the first fortnight.

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