Wednesday, 8 July 2015

IN FLIGHT- Block 12- Osprey

I think that I have confessed before that as the youngest member of my family I didn't alway have the best attention span for birdwatching. Being one of two members of the family who didn't have their own pair of binoculars, it was very easy to lose attention and to become a bit too noisy and restless.

That said, there were some birds that were guaranteed to catch my attention. Owls and Ospreys were two such birds.

The Osprey is a bird of prey which lives on a diet of fish. It was once close to extinction in the UK, but in the 60's, a pair of Scandinavian Ospreys settled at Boat of Gartan in Scotland. There have been breeding Ospreys there ever since and as a result an Osprey centre has been built to monitor and protect these amazing birds and to help keep them accessible to the public in a way that is sustainable to the species.
I remember one time as we were driving towards the Osprey centre at Loch Gartan, an Osprey swooped down into the loch (which was within easy sight to the road) and reappeared out of the water with a shining fish in its talons. The silhouette of the swooping bird with its talons outstretched was incredibly majestic and it was one of the first birds that I thought of when I began the In Flight Quilt-Along.

This block is the reason that there are 24 inch patterns in the quilt-along. Those talons had to be included and making them much smaller would have been silly. I love the way that the Osprey translated into fabric and seeing the amazing blocks that you have all posted in the flickr group I am really proud of how well you guys have all risen to the challenge!I know that I have said this many times during the quilt-along, but this is definitely one of my favourite blocks.

Sorry for the lack of decent photos of my Osprey, but it is off being quilted at the moment and I forgot to take photos before sending the block away- sorry.

I can't wait to see more Ospreys!

As always, you can find the Osprey pattern in my Etsy store and my Payhip store.

Don't forget to link up and of the first 12 blocks to latest Linky Party.

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  1. i think you really captured the grace and "majesticness" of these birds with this pattern (once again!). Gorgeous :)


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