Thursday, 25 June 2015

In Flight Quit-Along - Revised Timetable and a Winner

As promised, here is the revised timetable for the In Flight Quilt-Along.

You will notice that an extra linky party has been added to the schedule. I am still working on a prize for that linky, but there will definitely be patterns involved a secret surprise.

14st January
Block 1- Swan
14th January
Block 2- Swift
28th January
Linky closes
10th February
Block 3- Seagulls
11th February
Block 4- Curlew
25th February
Linky closes
10th March
Block 5- Peregrin
11th March
Block 6- Swallow
25th March
Linky closes
21st April
Break for Easter
Block 7- Duck
22nd April
Block 8- Kestrel
6th May
Linky closes
13th May
Block 9- Cormorant
20th May
Block 10- Buzzard
3rd June
Linky closes
17th June
Block 11- Eagle
24th June
Block 12- Osprey
8th July
Linky closes
21st July
Block 13- Thrush
22nd July
Block 14- Wren
5th August
Block 15- Hawk
19th August
Quilt Layouts
26th August
Final Linky
27th August
Final Linky Closes
9th September

Remember, you can buy the extra three patterns as a bundle from both my Etsy and my Payhip stores now or you can wait and buy them individually.

The winner of the fifth linky is:

Diary of a Kiwi Bookcrosser

As always, a huge thank you to all the sponsors of the In Flight Quilt-Along

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