Wednesday, 24 June 2015

IN FLIGHT- Block 11- Eagle


Are you ready for it?

If you haven't tried paper piecing a 24 inch block now is your chance! The Eagle is the first block of the quilt-along which is only provided as a 24 inch block. As I've admitted before, large blocks are often slightly harder to sew, but they are really really worth the extra effort due to the added impact that the size gives. Take your time and if you need some extra help, I have previously provided some tips on how to sew large blocks.

I love the Eagle block. It was the first pattern of the QAL that I sewed. At that time I was having some doubts about the designs, but seeing this one come to life convinced me to go ahead with the In Flight series.

I'm sorry, I forgot to take decent photos of my block before I sent it for quilting, all that I have is a hurried photo which I showed on instagram months ago.

You can find the Eagle pattern in my Etsy store and my Payhip store. As usual, they are reduced in price for the first fortnight.

In other news, I have been working hard to release three extra blocks in the In Flight Series. I designed these after discovering that my quilt had big gaps and that I was unhappy with the resulting layout. 

You can find a bundle containing the three extra patterns in my Etsy and Payhip stores. 

I have decided to extend the QAL to accommodate these extra blocks and I will release details of the resulting changes to the QAL timetable tomorrow.

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