Saturday, 16 May 2015

Bloggers' Quilt Festival- Utopian Safari Quilt
The second quilt that I am entering in the Bloggers Quilt Festival is my Utopian Safari Quilt. 
I am entering it in the Original Design Category.
These animal blocks were designed for and inspired by Frances Newcombe's Utopia fabric line.

I had such fun making this quilt. I started it at a time when I was feeling run down, pressured and pretty uninspired. This quilt allowed me to relax and have fun.

It all started with the giraffe when I realised how perfectly Aglow Sappling Mango could represent a giraffe's markings. The scale of the block was dictated by the fabric.

After the giraffe was completed, I went in search of other animals to fit the theme. I love that the quilt developed organically. I love the variety in the size of the blocks. I hope that the varying sizes give a feeling of varying perspective, with some animals in the foreground and others in the background.

It makes me laugh that so many people comment on the hippo lounging in the muddy pool at the bottom of the quilt. It's a wee hint of humour and I love that people relate to it so well. As I develop in my designs I hope that this gently humour will slip in more and more.

My ONLY problem with the safari quilt is that I only worked out how to design a lion after I had started quilting it. As a result, I had to design an oversized cushion to go with it. 

The utopian lion is an absolute favourite too.

The Details:
Piecing Method: Paper Piecing
Patterns: The Safari Bundle
Quilting: Free Motion Quilted by me
Fabric used: Utopia by Frances Newcombe
Size: 45" x 56"


  1. What a great idea for a photo session! I love your animal quilt :) . It's beautiful how it's presents on the bad.
    Greetings from Poland

  2. Well the lion is the King and needs to be at the top....gorgeous design and quilt and pillow....:)

  3. I love the design of this quilt and the pictures are very nice.

  4. It really is a wonderful piece and fantastic how it came about and came together. So clever and a great way to display and use the fabric design/colour x

  5. Fabulous very nice quilt:))

  6. what a lovely quilt, you are so talented at designing blocks!


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