Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Scrabbled- A Mini Quilt

About six weeks ago, I gained a whopping 1000 followers on instagram. I was so amazed by it, that in a spontaneous gesture, I decided to hold a wee giveaway. Participants had to post a picture of their favourite of my patterns and I in turn promised to sew something for the winner. It might be a new pattern designed especially for them, it might be a twist on an existing pattern, what I made would depend what mood I was in and which picture they chose as inspiration.

The winner posted this picture of a pattern that I was working on for a scrabble tile. It was something that I hadn't yet sewn 1000 times so I happily decided to carry on and make her a mini quilt using the pattern. I asked her which words she would like and then got to work planning.

My initial plan was to make the letters and numbers black, but just as I was about to start sewing, I saw the very very last scraps of my Oakshott Cotton Lakes bundle. I had a quick change of plan and decided to use them for this quilt.

I decided to use my scraps of low volume fabric for the scrabble tiles. I really like the fact that most of these are text fabrics- it somehow seems very appropriate. I was relieved to discover that I had just enough different low volume fabrics to use a different fabric for each scrabble tile.

Finally for the edging of the scrabble tiles, I used some of the tiny scraps of kona black that I had left from my Utopia Quilt.

When I first dreamt up the idea of scabble tile patterns, I had a mini quilt in my head. The further that I got into the pattern, the more insane I knew this idea to be, each tile has a finished size of 4 inches which means that the pieces in the number 3 and 5 are pretty tiny. I stubbornly kept going because I was in love with the idea of a mini! I'm glad that I did, but I must admit that I won't be making another one of these in a hurry. I think I will also make the tiles bigger when (if) I release the pattern.

Once the tiles were pieced, I came to a screeching halt. What should I use for the background of the quilt?

I played with the idea of a patchwork of blocks, but the mock-up that I did in EQ7 just looked wrong. It was too busy and detracted from the scrabble times.

I thought about using a solid background, but that was too plain and boring.

Big scale prints were out as they detracted from the blocks too much.

Then I went to my fabric stash and had a look to see what I had. One fabric sprang out at me. It was PERFECT. I had loved Katarina Roccella's Indelible fabrics the moment I saw them and bought a selection of the prints to make a quilt. These fabrics had been lying together untouched for an increasing period of time and the longer they did, the smaller the chance that the quilt would happen.

When I saw the fabrics lying in my stash, I knew what I had to use as the background for my mini. I love it! It provides the perfect combination of colour, text and big designs for my mini quilt.
I must admit that it was difficult to put this mini in the post and a few bad influences may have tried to persuade me to hold into it. But what's the fun of making things if its not to give them to others?

Scraptastic Tuesday


  1. What a magnificent quilt. I love the scrabble tiles and the background fabric is indeed perfect. I can see whay you would find it hard to part with this quilt.
    I do hope that you will release the scrabble tiles patterns some time in the future, they are such a brilliant idea.

  2. Fantastic quilt, and I love the scrabble tiles! A very lucky winner indeed.

  3. Oh Juliet it's gorgeous !! I love it ....

  4. It's so gorgeous and so clever! no doubt she was thrilled to receive such a labour of love! and yep... giving things away is soooo fun! x

  5. What a fabulous gift! And I think it means you have done a good job if it is hard to part with. Love how we bring other quilts and makes into a project every time we use our scraps. Thank you for sharing on #scraptastictuesday

  6. What a great mini! Well done!

  7. Great job and hope you release the pattern!


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