Monday, 13 April 2015

Safari Pattern Release and a Sale

It's still the school holidays here and I am enjoying spending time with my children. Normal sewing and blogging activities will resume next week. 

In the meantime, I managed to find a few minutes to put the finishing touches on the final Safari pattern- the flamingoes.

In addition to this, I have created a Safari pattern bundle.

I have decided to celebrate the release of the final safari pattern, so until 19th April (NZT), the coupon code 'Safari' will give a 25% discount on each of the safari patterns in my Payhip store.

The affected patterns are:
The Giraffe
The Big Cat
The Lion
The Hippo
The Flamingo
The Elephant Patterns (including the Elephant Bundle)
The Safari Bundle

You can also find the new patterns in my Etsy Store, but the coupon code will not work there.


  1. I'd love in my dreams to do the entire lot .. .. .. if any one wants to make me a safari quilt on commission please let me know LOL .. .. .. in the mean time I'll tackle my fox in preparation for the giraffe that I simply MUST do for laughters sake xxx

  2. LOVE it!!!! Gosh you are clever!

  3. Awesome! I hope you sell heaps and heaps - they are fantastic x

  4. Brilliant - just purchased the Hippo, Elephant and Lion :) I am a happy girl!!


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