Monday, 9 March 2015

Lion- A Pattern Release

When I was designing the safari patterns, I asked people on instagram what other patterns they wanted to see. A Lion was a popular suggestion but I was a bit apprehensive. I just couldn't see how I could simplify such a complex animal down into a series of straight lines.

I tried.

I showed it to my husband and he gave it the nose wrinkle of doom. His facial expression and accompanying "nah!" clearly said "seriously Juliet?!? You can do better and you know it!"

The pattern was so bad that I deleted it (which is very unusual for me. Normally abandoned patterns remain in the computer in case I come back to them). The fact that I deleted it says a lot. I'm kind of sad that I did because I can't show you how bad it was!

I sulked a bit, assumed that lions were too difficult and moved on to other patterns.

Then one evening I suddenly saw how I could create a lion pattern. I sat down, scribbled a rough draft on the computer and showed it to hubby.

This time there was no nose wrinkle of doom, but an encouraging "yeah! That looks good".

Its really exhilarating when a pattern flows from you like that! It doesn't always happen but when it does its a huge thrill. I knew that I was onto a good thing. I kept working and within the shortest time the pattern was complete and off with the testers.

I am so so pleased with the work that my testers did. They interpreted the pattern beautifully and gave me some wonderful feedback.

Patti was the first to finish. I love the way that she shaded the face and mane (and kind of wish that I'd thought of it myself!) As for pearl bracelet eyes?- inspired!

Tina finished her block the very same day. The scrappy mane is beautiful. I love the fabrics that she chose.

Fiona volunteered to test this pattern even before I had designed it! With a blog called Bendigo Lioness, it would have been wrong not to ask her to test!
She had great fun using Cotton and Steal fabrics to create her lion. Doesn't he show amazing personality.

Kristal also went for a scrappy lion. Doesn't he look majestic!

If you would like a chance to sew a lion, you can now find the pattern in both my Payhip store and my Etsy store.

I've got plans to sew two lions- I can't wait to show them to you.


  1. Great pattern. Your testers ave done a fab job. Scrappy might be my fave. Kristal must have a good orange stash!

  2. Another lovely pattern that will have to be added to my ever-increasing list of projects! Thank you for not giving up on the idea. I like all your tester's samples.

  3. I have been waiting for this pattern to be released after seeing the pattern testers versions on their blogs. So excited to have it in my patterns now.

  4. Another cool block Juliet - and neat to see everyone's versions of them!

  5. stunning Juliet and all the versions are fantastic - it's just brilliant!


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