Monday, 16 February 2015

Safari Quilt- Pattern Release- Big Cat

Today I am excited to be releasing the first of my Safari Patterns- the Big Cat.

The Safari patterns were all inspired by Frances Newcombe's Utopia fabric range. I love how the strong and vibrant colours of this fabric range have given such vitality to the animals.

I tried to be grown up and wait till all the Safari patterns are complete so that I could release them as a bundle, but do you know what?!- I'm a bit impatient and excitable and I quite like releasing things as and when they are ready.

If you are more patient than me, feel free to wait for the release of these patterns as a bundle. It may take some time but will definitely follow in the fullness of time.

Big Cat has deliberately been given a vague name. I leave it up to you to decide whether it is a lioness, a tiger, a puma, a leopard or another kind of big cat. Fabric choice will be the all important factor!
My version of the block measures 10 x 20 inch, as such it is slightly smaller than the published block which is 12 x 24 inch

For me the big cat is a lioness. I love the gracefulness that she exhibits as she leaps in the air. Is she playing with her cubs, is she about to leap on her pray? I leave it up to you to decide!

I must say that this pattern contains the two extremes of paper piecing- teeny tiny pieces and huge big pieces. As such it is probably most suitable for paper piecers with intermediate skills. If you are an adventurous beginner don't let me put you off though!

I was lucky enough to have three very talented testers for this block. As always, it was a joy to see their different interpretations of the pattern.

I love that Patti made the pattern her own. She called her project "Stealth". Don't you love the way that the cat is camouflaged as if it is hunting and ready to pounce.

Caroline has informed me that her children are fighting over her big cat so there will probably be another one made in the very near future.

I guess that it should come as no surprise that Fiona's big cat is a lioness- isn't she a beauty!

 You can find the Big Cat pattern in my Payhip store and my Etsy store.


  1. Love it! I think I will have to see if I survive all the bird patterns before jumping into more though...

  2. It looks great - you have such flare and imagination! x

  3. Looks amazing!! Like Sonya, I'm resisting the allure until I have finished the bird patterns! And if you're after suggestions for more Safari animals, can I have a warthog (they are my favourite, look so ridiculous disappearing into the bush with their tails in the air!) and an gazelle please?! :-)

  4. Another awesome design. I really will have to try one of your patterns one day, heaven knows I have quilted quite a few of them now :-)

  5. This one is also awesome! LOVE it! Geez you are clever!! x


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