Thursday, 12 February 2015

How to Join a Linky Party

When joining a linky party, the first step is to make sure you have an image saved online somewhere. This can be on a blog, it can be on flickr and these days it can even be on instagram.

Now go to the blog post where the linky is. Click on the blue button at the bottom that says "Add a link"

A new screen will open which asks for several pieces of information. The most important of these is the link.

What you do now depends slightly on the location of the image that you want to link up.


If you are sharing a picture from flickr then open the image in flickr in a different tab or window.

Down in the bottom righthand corner, you will see a curving arrow. Click on this (I have placed a big orange arrow above it in the diagram below).

A small window will now appear. Click on "link" to ensure that it is chosen and then copy the text that appears in the box below.

Go back to the linky and insert the link.

A link title will now automatically appear, but you can easily delete this and write something else if you prefer.

Add your email (so that I can get in touch with you if you win a prize).

A number of images will appear in the box below. If you wish to crop the image, press "crop". If you are happy with the image as it appears then press select.

All that then remains to be done is to press "done" and your link should magically appear in the linky party.

If you are sharing a blog post in the linky party then the link that you need is found in the address bar up at the top of your screen. Make sure that you have the specific blog post that you want selected.

If I were to link up my blog post with the seagull block I would fill in:

Filling in would technically be correct, but it would only link to my blog so anybody following the link would have to sift through my posts to find the one that they were after. Linking directly to a blog page is much easier for everyone!

Apart from this, the method of linking up for blogs is exactly the same as for flickr.


When adding a link from instagram, your link will be www.instagram/com with your username added directly after the /

There should be no spaces in the address.

Fill in the link address and your email as required.

Now click on the small instagram icon below. You will be asked to authorise access to your instagram account.

 A variety of your recent pictures will then appear below. Click on the one you want. Ensure that all other information is entered and then press "done".

Part of the fun of having a linky party is visiting the links that other people post and seeing how they are getting on. Be sure to leave them a comment- tell them if you love their fabric choices, encourage them or give them tips if they are having difficulties.

I hope that this wee tutorial will help. If anything is unclear just give me a shout!

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  1. I do links via my facebook page, works a treat for those who dont have a blog or instagram etc so that way it doesnt eliminate those folk on facebook :)


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