Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hippo- A Pattern Release

I feel as if I've been drowned by a torrent of pattern ideas recently.

It has been really fun puzzling these ideas, working out how the pieces best fit together. That said, it has left me with what feels like a thousand half finished patterns, each at varying stages of completion.

This week I told myself that I had to finish a few things before starting anything new, so I pressed on and I'm glad to report that the hippo has just been released. I decided to release two sizes of this pattern. The 12 x 30 inch pattern that I used for my own safari quilt and a smaller 6 x 15 inch block.

On top of the pattern ideas, I've been busy sewing my  utopian safari quilt. It has been such a fun project and I can't wait to share pictures of the finished quilt. The sewing has given me the opportunity to test out my new Juki sewing machine and I am almost ready to share my thoughts on it.

As you can tell, there should be a few more blog posts to follow soon!

The hippo pattern is one of those patterns that has really surprised me. Every time that I have shown photos of my Safari Quilt recently on instagam, the hippo has gained a ton of compliments and it was the pattern that my pattern testers were falling over themselves to sew. I hope you enjoy sewing it!

You can find the hippo pattern in The Tartankiwi Etsy Store and in my Payhip Store.

As with the previously released Big Cat pattern, this pattern will eventually be part of the Safari Bundle, but I cannot yet say when this bundle will be ready for release.


  1. He is gorgeous Juliet!! Well done :-)

  2. Your hippo is amazing ~ I was wondering if you're going to release all the animals together. I'd like them all!

  3. It is freeking brilliant! So real and life-like looking! Genius!! x

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pattern. I love it. It will be so much fun to make.

  5. You are totally amazing Juliet! Loving these safari creatures! And really looking forward to the quilt.
    AND trying out one of your patterns myself


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