Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sew Together Bags

Last weekend I participated in a secret santa swap with the wonderful and talented girls in my Knitting Group.

The other girls in the group have serious knitting and yarn dying skills. I'm pretty lucky that they tolerate my dodgy knitting skills and don't complain when I talk quilts and rock up with binding to sew on instead of knitting.

Bearing this in mind, it was a no-brainer that I was going to sew a gift for my partner and not knit it. When the partners were handed out I already had a pair of mini singing in the rain blocks and I had half a plan to use them for secret santa. Then my partner commented in passing that she'd love to learn how to paper piece so that she could sew my singing in the rain pattern. I took it as a hint and decided to turn those blocks into my first ever sew together bag.

By some fluke they were the perfect size. I love how the bag turned out.

Thanks to the Quilt Barn sew-along, the Sew Together bag came together really easily. I am very visual when it comes to sewing so the photographic instructions work far better for me than words.

I'm pretty sure that I could have made better choices when it came to choosing types of interfacing, but all in all I was really happy with the bag (as was the recipient). So much so that I went on to make a further two sew together bags.

I forgot to take a photo of the first one when it was completely finished, but here is are a couple of photos of it pinned ready to hand sew the final binding.

The third and final bag that I made was probably my favourite. I used some of my precious Melody Miller Telephone print. I love the proportions of the bag to the fussy cut and was very tempted to keep it for myself.

If it weren't for the fact that I have now made 3 sew together bags and don't think I can cope with the boredom of making a forth one, then I'd definitely make very very similar one for myself. How do people manage to churn out hundreds of the same thing? I get bored if I repeat myself and need to make new things every time.


  1. WOW!!!! They are awesome.............I like the telephone one best!

  2. Darling bags ~ Singing in the Rain is my favorite! I live in Portland, Oregon where it rains all the time!
    I've made 3 Sew Together Bags as gifts and really want one for me but there are so many other things to be made! I've got a friend that's made 10 of them! Now I've seen that there's a mini Sew Together Bag!!! where will it end? teehee

  3. Love your bags......I have made several and have a similar feeling about repeats....but find that using so many different fabrics really takes that 'boredom' away! So....i've made a bunch. Love that you used that pp pattern for the front....

  4. Great bags. Who wouldn't love one. Your Singing in the rain would go on any bag, or sweatshirt or jacket or ...

  5. They are gorgeous Juliet - and the telephone... well you know how I feel about that one! xx

  6. I am the same way, I can't make the same thing over and over, but all 3 of these turned out terrific, do you have a tutorial or any advice on how to shrink down paper piecing patterns like you did with the singing in the rain girl.


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