Monday, 10 November 2014

Reindeer Overload

I was really honoured to be asked to contribute towards a collaboration quilt for this years Christmas Edition of the Fat Quarterly Review.

Photo borrowed from Lynne
We were shown the image which inspired the quilt, given our fabrics, and asked to design and sew five identical blocks. 

There was a special request that I provide reindeer for the quilt.

As with so many of these kinds of projects, I really do think that the sum of the parts is much much better than the individual parts. I love how the blocks all come together to create a dramatic and graphic finished quilt and I am really proud to have been a part of such a talented line-up of quilters - Nicky, Susan, LynneJoanne and Joanna.

Doesn't it just look like the most snuggly Christmas Jumper ever!?

I must admit that I got a bit carried making reindeer and couldn't resist  another wee reindeer project.

You will also find the details of both of these patterns in Issue 19 of Fat Quarterly Review.


  1. Absolutely stunning! Both projects! Love how the collaboration created something so special and beautiful! Go you and go the team! xx

  2. Whoo............awesome! Love the the runner too.

  3. Whoo............awesome! Love the the runner too.

  4. Gorgeous and fun project Juliet! Great teamwork :-) Love the runner too!

  5. Just bought my Fat Quarterly Review #18 and just love it, especially the cover. Nice work. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bought Fat Quarterly this morning just because of all of the Reindeer love.

  7. This is so fantastic! I just been looking at all your work! You are amazing! I would love to send you some utopia is it possible to email me your address. I adore your stuff

  8. This is total amazeballs and I love how humble you are about it all . . . . I still love saying "I knew Juliet before she was famous" yes my dear you are !! !!

  9. I love those reindeer , That is a must do ;-)
    Thanks !


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