Monday, 20 October 2014

First Elephant Pattern Release

Hi Guys,

Sorry its been a bit quiet around here, I've been doing lots of work, but as yet I don't have too much to show you. Please bear with me though, I promise that it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, I'm happy to say that I have just released another pattern. This elephant pattern contains pattern pieces for two block sizes- a 12 inch block and a 24 inch block. If you prefer to resize the pattern yourself, formulas are included for you to alter the pattern even further.

I had two sets of pattern testers this time, partly because I was so overwhelmed by the number of people who volunteered to help and partly because I decided it was a good idea to test out the two sizes. I love how each of the testers made the block their own and gave it their own twist.

The first group of pattern testers tried out the 12 inch version.

Fiona was very efficient and not only did she test the block, but she turned it into a mini quilt! Perfect for a little girl don't you think?!

Don't you just love the fussy cut fabric that Kirsten used for her elephant! So so pretty!

Jana was also making this elephant for her daughter and let her have creative control over the fabric choices. I think she did a great job don't you!?

The second group of pattern testers made up the 24 inch version

Sandy made this beautiful elephant for her daughter- what a lucky girl!

I love the simplicity of Patti's fabric choices, they work perfectly.

Debbie had lots of fun with her fabric choices- I love that this guy is such a riot of colour.

If you would like a go at creating your own elephant, you can now find the elephant pattern in my craftsy store. It is at a reduced price for at least the first 48 hours.

While you all have fun with the new pattern, I'll stay here and have a wee play with the baby elephant pattern which is now in the pipeline. I still haven't decided on scale and when I'm happy it will need testing, but I thought you might like a wee hint of what's to come... eventually...

What do you think- would this wee guy make a valid addition to our family of elephants?

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  1. Awesome, love the floral elephants

  2. Wow so many awesome Elephants!!! What a great pattern :) and cannot wait to see the baby join the family!

  3. Don't they all look awesome! You can count me in to pattern teat the baby elli whenever you're ready with it Juliet. The more the merrier ;)

  4. These are all so perfect- everyone did a great job.

  5. You are so busy with such wonderful patterns. I love them. Haven't tried to make the big ones yet, but I love the 12 inch ones. The elephant is just beautiful and your testers did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  6. Love seeing all of the different versions of this pattern - and the baby elephant is so cute!

  7. Thanks for letting me test this fabulous pattern, and the baby is the cutest ever!

  8. Your new baby elephant is a MUST! He is precious. I've got to have him. :-D Love your creativity.

  9. These elephants are so great, I love that last one too. I am imagining a quilt with them all in it.


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