Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WIP Wednesday.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the instagram mini quilt swap. Although I've taken part in a few swaps over the years, this is the first official quilting swap that I've participated in. 

Its exciting and just a tiny bit scary!
Part of the Initial design
There are so so many talented people taking part in the swap that its really exciting seeing all the inspiration mosaics and first tasters of designs appearing in my instagram feed.

One of the hardest things about signing up was that I had to assign myself an ability level- 
What the...?

If we're talking quilt designs, then my partner is assured of an original tartankiwi design, so I guess that puts me in the advanced group.

If we're talking quilting skills, my FMQ is shameful, my straight line quilting tends to turn into straightish line quilting and try as I might, even with a walking foot and a super steady speed, I cannot get my machine to do uniform length stitches (it drives me nuts!) so that would probably put me firmly in the beginners camp.

A pair of dancers? Much better!
I decided to play it safe and place myself in the intermediate group. I didn't want to disappoint my partner with the standard of the quilting and I thought it was only fair to do so.

It never occurred to me that the person who is making for me might be intimidated! I have seen a few comments on IG from people who are scared that their partner is far more advanced than them. 

Now I have no idea whether these people are talking about me, but I just wanted to reassure my partner if they are reading this- I've said it before, but do your thing as well as you can and I will love it! I will not be comparing our ability levels and am really excited to see what you come up with.

How do you assess your own ability? Does it bother you? Do you worry more about disappointing thre recipient of your quilt or intimidating the person making for you?

Maybe its the modest Scot in me, but I would find it really difficult to put myself in the advanced group when it comes to things like this!
Making Important decisions- black boots or coloured boots?
I'm making really good progress on my mini quilt- the blocks are pieced and I am just waiting on a little bit more fabric to arrive before I finish the top. I am really excited by the design, but at this stage I am not showing the complete design . There is one MAJOR design element missing from these photos but you will have to be content with seeing this small bit for the time being, as I don't want to give the game away. I'm pretty sure that my partner will be able to guess that the quilt is for her if she sees the remaining element of the quilt.

I am really loving the way that these blocks are coming together. The minimalist use of colour is unlike anything that I've done before but I think it works really well for these blocks, especially since the small amount of colour that is included is intense Oakshott colour!

The great thing about the pattern is that the construction allows for others to play around and add as little or as much colour as they want.
For those of you who are interested, the pattern is already being tested, so if all goes to plan, I hope to release it in two or three weeks time.


  1. Gosh I love it! So freeking great!! Cannot wait to see the whole thing and it is one lucky lady who is partnered with you! I struggle to categorise myself, especially as I know just where all my shortfalls are... But like you... if someone has tried and been thoughtful in the return.... well that is much more important than skill level :)

  2. this is such a great design - it has a lot of movement in it as well as being graphic - it's awesome! Someone will be stoked and yes the poor person who got you may well feel intimidated but knowing you in person I know you will love and be gracious about whatever she (he??) makes. xxx

  3. I think we all feel like this from time to time, I think we are our own worst critics...............give yourself a break, you are AMAZING! Love the new design! I am calling it 'singing in the rain!

  4. What a great pattern. I like the orange version!

  5. What a really great block. It's going to be a beautiful quilt! I always think that as long as you stick to doing what you know you can do and do so to the best of your ability then there is no need to be worried about swapping your work with others because it will always be appreciated and loved for the time and effort that went into making it. I think it is also important for all swappers to be active on in the group within which they are swapping as sharing and communication via Flickr or Instagram or whatever social media platform the group is operating on at all stages of the swap can really help the confidence of those who may be feeling self concious about their own abilities or creations.

  6. Such a beautiful design, just love it! I have something that might help with your FMQ.. pop over to my blog today to check it out! :)

  7. I love this girls with umbrella's. I like the contrast of the black girl and colored umbrella. I can not wait to see it finished! Good luck.

  8. Juliet, I think you're way too hard on yourself! Your work is amazing! And really, unless it's being judged in a show, who looks at stitch length on your quilting!?! This design is brilliant, you have one lucky partner!! Can't wait to see what the secret design element is!

  9. My straight line quilting is straightish too.I suspect we all worry about the quality of our work when participating in swaps. Even in published bloggers work, you will sometimes see poinst that don't match, or seams not quite aligned. I always feel better about that. I absolutely adore the girl with umbrella pattern, Can't wait to see the finished result.


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