Friday, 26 September 2014

Big Bear Progress

I'm a bit excited today! I've finally got a plan for my big bear.

In typical Juliet fashion, I was so excited when I finally created the bear pattern that I just jumped in with both feet. I didn't stop to think what it would become, I just wanted to sew it and sew it NOW!

After the block was finished, it lay draped over the back of our sofa for a while. I knew that I wanted to give it a border with paw prints in the corners, but I needed to wait until I found the right fabric for this.

When the fabric finally arrived, I jumped in with both feet and sewed my paw prints.

Now I knew all along that the quilt top wouldn't be finished when I added the paw print border, but I needed to see that stage of the project completed before I could make any more creative decisions. I'm a very visual person when it comes to this stage of projects.

I am really really trying not to spend a fortune on fabrics at the moment, so I went to my stash in search of a suitable fabric for the next border. Luckily I found a large piece of architextures fabric which will be just perfect!

... But then what...

It kind of bothered me that it was going to become a random square lap size quilt. I didn't know what to do with it and felt that this quilt needs to be out on display, not folded in a pile somewhere.

Finally, it struck me...

This bear needs a mate! Another bear added underneath, facing in the opposite direction.

Then it will be the perfect quilt for my son's bed.The widths of the borders in the mock-up above are not quite accurate. I will need to do some quilt maths to work out exactly how wide they should be, but I'm excited to finally have a plan.

I was planning to give Scallywag the bird quilt for Christmas, but the bears are far more suitable for a four year old boy don't you think! Rascal can have the birds, she loves them too!

Eek! I just want to start sewing but I don't have enough of the green sketch background- sulk!
I love it when projects finally show you what they want to become! Don't you?!?

I'm sure I've asked it before, but are you make it up as you go along quilters, or do you always start with a plan. (I think you can tell which kind I am!!!)


  1. I totally make it up as I go at least 80% of the time. I love the idea of two bears, but do they have to be twins or could they just be buddies (not identical)?

  2. Splendid idea and a big yay! Me, I'm a mix, I think. Started as an insecure plan-it-all and am now often working with a vague idea and going with the flow. Some projects will still start with a made up plan as they must, there's no guarantee I won't suddenly divert mid-way, though. :)

  3. I have so far planned my quilts; one from scratch including applique and then 3 using patterns with my own twist on them. Next will be a little more scrappy I think, though still planned.

  4. Beautiful. Funny enough, I buy patterns for quilts, then scrap the idea and start from scratch and make it up as I go. Thinking that is why I am in love with paper piecing. And I have so much difficulty "getting into a pattern" until it "speaks to me" then look out...things fly and I pretty much don't stop till it is done.

  5. What a fabulous idea to add another gorgeous bear! I tend to start out with a plan, but quite often change my mind as I go!

  6. oooooooo love it! two big bears - the only thing better than one big bear! ;) cant wait to see it! and I normally start out with a plan but there are lots of times when there is no plan and equally as many times where the end result is very different from the initial plan ;)

  7. Usually very much make it up as I go along, unless I've already had a picture in my head. And why I have so many projects on the go! Love your plan for the Bear!


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