Monday, 18 August 2014

Fox Pattern Release

Wow, last week was a just a little bit crazy!

Thank you all for you enthusiasm for my new patterns. It means a lot to see you all getting so excited about the things that I design. I hope that I can keep coming up with designs that won't disappoint.

I know that you are all waiting for the big bear pattern, but it has to be free of mistakes for me to release it so please forgive me if I take a week or two more to get it ready. I have made a few alterations since sewing it and these are being checked before I release the pattern.

In the meantime, I've released the Fox pattern.

My pattern testers were super speedy and did a great job. This Tula Pink Fox by Frampuna just blew me away when I saw it! How perfect is that fabric selection!?! Having used some Tula Pink fabrics on my big bear, I can definitely see me incorporating more in my paper piecing

Chrissie has tested for me a few times and I know that I can always rely on her to do a great job. She chose batik fabrics (like she did when she tested my Panda pattern). I think they work really well.

The good news is that the fox pattern can now be found in my Craftsy Store and will be available at the reduced price of $2.00 for (roughly) the first 48 hours. After that it will revert to my usual pattern price.


  1. Fab pattern to test, as always, I'll let my readers know it's now available A Sly Old Fox - FPP - Chris :D

  2. Absolutely stunning! that tula fabric adds a whole new dimension to these patterns!


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