Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Butterfly Mini Quilt

I just realised that I forgot to show you the finished mini quilt that I made with the butterfly that was the inspiration for the Butterfly Challenge.

I made it for a private swap that I did with the lovely Susan over at Canadian Abroad. Susan sews the most beautiful quilts, cushions, bags and pouches, so it is an honour to own a piece made by her. She sent me this beautiful wee fabric basket. Isn't it gorgeous! The hand stitching is so neat and the Heather Ross fussy cuts are adorable.

Rascal hung around making very unsubtle hints when it arrived but the poor thing, they fell on deaf ears- this is mine all mine!
Once the butterfly was finished I looked at it and felt that it needed a border. I had been vaguely thinking of a low volume border, but when I saw the finished butterfly, I knew that it needed to be balanced by a big bold border. The problem was that I was working with scraps and definitely didn't have enough of any one colour to make a border.

I didn't want to add any other fabrics into the mix, so I was left with one option- a pieced border.

 I couldn't be bothered to do the maths and work out how many squares I would need in what sizes, so I just scribbled some lines for a simple paper pieced border and started sewing. 

I was pretty random in the fabric placement, but with the Lakes Oakshott Bundle you really don't need to worry as all the fabrics go together beautifully.

My intention was always to make this into a cushion cover, but when I showed the quilted top to my friend Debshe insisted that it should be a mini quilt. I thought about it and decided that she was right (even though this meant that it was going to be a mini quilt with a very ugly and badly basted back- who cares what the inside of a cushion cover looks like after all!).

I impressed myself by remembering to sew hanging corners into the back of the quilt then bound.

A job well done methinks!

Now to move onto planning my mini quilt for the instagram mini quilt swap- I can't wait!

Don't forget that the Butterfly Challenge closes at 10pm on 31st August NZT. 
Please please please remember that New Zealand is 12 hours ahead of the UK at the moment and even further ahead of the States.


  1. An inspirational piece Juliet!! I love the fabrics you have used, a beautiful finish. And lucky you with the basket, too.

  2. Looks awesome. The shott fabrics have an Amish feel to them from my eyes.

  3. it is absolutely gorgeous Juliet - I am sure she is thrilled to bits with it! and what a great basket you've received in turn! I so love this community :)

  4. I saw this when she blogged about it on her blog, it looks so great as a mini quilt. I think your daughter and my daughter would get along great, she also tried to snag a fabric basket made for me, but I now have it on a very high shelf, hehe.

  5. It's beautiful, the fabrics are gorgeous and I love the machine quilting pattern around the butterfly! Looks perfect.


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