Monday, 14 July 2014

The pattern where I am taught my business by small girls!

Sometimes I like to post pictures of my work in progress patterns on instagram. Its fun seeing how people react to them.

When I posted my half finished ballet dancer pattern, Liz gave me some feedback straight from the mouth of her 3 year old daughter "she needs a bun- ballet dancers need to have their hair in buns!"
Who am I to ignore the wishes of a 3 year old, so I added a bun, finished the pattern and posted a new picture on instagram. When Liz saw it, she begged me to let her test the pattern- how could I say no!

I sent the pattern off and waited to see what the testers would do with it.

I had to laugh when the pictures came back and both testers had made the same alteration to the pattern- they gave my dancer ballet shoes! When I commented both mums said that the change had been requested by their daughters.

So design credits for the ballet shoes go to Liz and Leonie's daughters.

Haven't they both made a great job of sewing the pattern- I really do have the best pattern testers!

If you would like to get your hands on the ballet dancer pattern you can find it in my Craftsy Store.

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  1. They did great, and I can imagine how tiny that bun piece must be! It really does make all the difference.

  2. fab - beautiful work - goes to show what skill you have that you can adapt on demand!! x

  3. OH buns & shoes are a must for ballet dancers!

  4. That is so funny! But absolutely true! And yes your pattern testers are fabulous, I like one of them very much ;-)

  5. Good thing you have an open mind, and they have your ear! (and heart, I imagine.)
    Love the pattern.

  6. Haha i cant belive how similar they are! It is quite feaky! Gorgeous oattern Juliet and love Liz and Co's block xx

  7. I love this pattern . . . . and yes a bun is very important !! !! I've just done a workshop on how to perfect the ballet bun !!!

  8. Yes, ballet dancers must have a bun and ballet shoes... speaking from experience with a daughter... LOL!!! A beautiful pattern, Juliet.

  9. How cool that you are getting input from 3 year olds! Your ballet design is another beauty and I do like both the versions your testers have made up.


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