Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Favourite Quilt

I decided to take part in the My Favourite Quilt Linky over at Sew Mama Sew.  If you want to join in too, you need to be quick!

 When I sat down to write this post, I really thought that my favourite quilt was the New Zealand Bird Quilt, but the more that I thought about it, the more that I realised that my Cloud of Butterflies quilt has a really large place in my heart.

I made it for the Made with Oakshott Challenge over on Lily's Quilts and I think that I grew a lot as a quilter and a pattern designer in the process. You see up until then it was all about the individual blocks for me. I designed the individual blocks and didn't think how they could come together in a finished quilt.

This quilt forced me to think about layout, fabric usage and the impact that the individual blocks have when they come together. (You can read more on this process here.)

I also learnt more about the EQ7 software that I use and worked out how to create a complete quilt pattern from my doodles. You can find details of the pattern layout as well as a basic paper piecing tutorial over at Lily's Quilts.

 This quilt signified a bit of a re-imagining of an existing block. The only other time that I had used the small butterfly pattern, I had used fussy cut patterned fabrics, so it was a revelation to see how the quilt turned out with oakshott cottons. The way that the light catches the fabric really adds an extra dimension to the quilt.

My Dad was visiting from Scotland while I was making this quilt and I think that the memory of seeing his face when he saw the quilt will stay with my for a while.

I think that up till then he had vaguely heard me talking about quilts and patterns, but it was only when he saw this work in progress that he actually clicked that I'm really quite good at it!

I know that I can now count on him for a lot more support when it comes to all things quilting and that means a lot.
 In the last couple of days, I have decided what will happen to this quilt. I can't wait to send it to its new owner.

The amazing quilting was done for my by the uber talented Leeanne at Quiltmekiwi

While I'm at it, I'll link this post into the Second Quarter of the Finishalong. I'm happy to say that this one was ticked off my list.


  1. This quilt is stunning!!!! And the quilting is really exquisite. I enjoyed your post at Lily's quilts, and really love seeing this quilt again. XX!

  2. I love the shimmer of the Oakshotts in your butterflies and have earmarked this design to copy for myself when my quilting improves. It is so beautiful.

  3. I totally understand why it's your favourite; I love the way the sizes change and the number reduces at the same time. It has a nice balance to it, and of course the Oakshott fabric just seals the deal.

  4. Wow. Seriously - wow! That quilt is stunning.

  5. The oakshotts are amazing, the sheen & texture is heavenly. happy for you Dad 'gets' what you do & love. You are one 'uber talented' designer!

  6. really well done! it's amazing and cool to hear about your own progression as a quilter

  7. I've loved your butterfly block from the very start and how you've put it to use in this quilt is incredible. I'm sure the new recipient will be very, very happy when it arrives! :D

  8. It is amazing - the way those oakhots shimmer are gorgeous! Amazing when someone really get's something :) Well done you for loving it and growing and learning so much along the way xx

  9. That is gorgeous! You really are very talented xx

  10. It is rather gorgeous, I can see why your dad was taken with it! Congrats on your finishes :o)


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