Monday, 23 June 2014

New Pattern Release- Ballet Shoes

Lets face it, sewing for little girls is fun!

Lots of fun!

And what could be more girly than sewing a pair of ballet shoes?

I designed this block thinking that it might make a pretty ballet bag. Not that we have a ballet dancer in this house, but the idea came to me and I couldn't shake it! I hope it brings smiles to the faces of lots of little girls.

As always, my testers did an awesome job. Rachel's version is almost exactly what I had in my head when I designed the block.

I love how Anjeanette used floral fabrics and gave the dancer polkadot tights- oh what fun!

Now the next idea that I can't quite shake is to make a version of this with bright red shoes. That would be so so pretty don't you think?!

You can find the ballet shoes pattern in my Craftsy Shop and when I get my act together (hopefully later tonight) I will add it to my Etsy shop too.

Great minds must think alike! Just look at the block that Jennifer sewed for me- isn't it awesome!


  1. Yes! Bright red shoes would look delicious! Those are beautifully pieced test patterns - another gorgeous pattern to add to your collection xx

  2. I'm pinning your pattern for later this year. I'd love to make something for my granddaughter to take to ballet class and a bag for her shoes would be ideal. Do you remember the old move The Red Shoes?

  3. Another great design, Juliet! Well done.

  4. Love these - they would make a fantastic bag for a dancer of any age! :o) x


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