Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Faulty Faultline

While I was away on holiday, I did a spot of knitting.

It wasn't exactly plain sailing (my knitting rarely is) but it was worth it in the end!

The yarn is a lovely 4 ply merino from the talented Rachel at Squeeful Yarns. (yup, yet another independent yarn dyer that I've discovered!)

The pattern is Faultline by Gabriella Henry.

I must admit that it was slow going... I'm not the best at knitting lace (even if the pattern says its easy!)

I tried pushing my luck and adding two extra repeats of the pattern... I weighed my yarn, it should have been possible... it wasn't!

I tried to rip it back to halfway, dropped half the stitches in the process and had to start again from scratch- humph!

It was probably best that I did, as knitting it up the second time led to far fewer wonky bits and a far better finished effect.

Once I was finished, I realised it was a bit on the small side. I reread the pattern and discovered that it said that if you were in doubt you should use a larger knitting needle rather than a smaller one (oops!).

I did some pretty vigorous blocking and it looks pretty good to me! Love the yarn, love the colour, love the pattern- oh happy me!


  1. Looks great! And good timing for finishing a shawl/scarf. Brrr.

  2. Gorgeous colour, gorgeous pattern, gorgeous result! Well done, it looks super lovely Juliet!

  3. Oh and do link up if you feel inclined ;) xx

  4. Very pretty! I like your new header too.

  5. What a lovely colour. I bet that is something you will wear a lot.

  6. Big bummer that you had to start again!! But so worth it! it is gorgeous and definitely on my list for a friends gift :))


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