Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Taking Breath

The crafting continues here, but at a reduced rate. 
I am taking some time out from my blog to enjoy spending time with my kids and my father. Its a bit frustrating because I have lots of things that I want to share with you, but at the moment family time must take priority.

It is a real treat to have my father visiting from Scotland. The kids are in seventh heaven that they have his undivided attention and they are making the most of it.
As for me,  I just want to savour every giggle, 
every adoring look,
 every cuddle 
and every kiss. 
Watching them all play together shows me what my kids are missing out on and makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing living on the other side of the world. Deep down, I know we are, but there is always that silent nagging doubt at times like this.

Having visitors makes me look at my surroundings differently.

For a short period of time, I get to look at my world through their eyes.

This is especially true when you live in Christchurch at the moment. The look of disbelief on my Dad's face when he saw the destruction in the centre of Christchurch will stay with me for quite some time to come.

I have another pattern almost ready for release and I'll see if I can do that in the next couple of days, but if I don't manage please forgive me.

I'll be back soon...


  1. Amazing what having visitors does to the way we see things. Hope the rest of your Dad's visit goes as well as its started and you get to make many more cherished memories for the kids and yourself. Xx

  2. I think there will always be a tear for any family separated by distance. Still some people have family 20 minutes down the road who they never see so it's important to celebrate the specialness of the connection they have with their grandad too. Distance is somehow more painful when you are together don't you think?? Love you xxx

  3. Enjoy every minute, I know how you feel xx


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