Tuesday, 1 April 2014


On Saturday I attended the twenty first birthday party of a very special young lady who I have worked alongside for the last year. 
A young lady who sparkles and shines. 
A young lady who is bright, friendly, thoughtful and generally a joy to be around.

A young lady who is 20 years (to the day!) younger than me (gulp!)

Her birthday party was a fairy party, so it seemed only right to design a fairy cushion for her. Knowing that she loves muted colours, I went for low volume type fabrics. Its not my usual colour pallet, but I think it works well and its got be interested in trying more.
I played around with the quilting and free motion quilted a sort of irregular spiral effect. 
I quite like it!

I've been playing around with different methods of zip insertion into cushion. For the fairy cushion (the yellow cushion in the picture above) I improvised my own method, which worked surprisingly well. I think I will use this method again if I want a fairly subtle zip insertion.

 You will have to wait another week to hear more details of the black and white minky chevron cushion- the only thing that I'll say at this stage is that I wish I could keep it for myself- its so cute and snuggly!!

I sent the pattern off to my pattern testers and as always it was a joy to see their results. I love that Caroline defined the dress and flesh of the fairy. Such a pretty floral dress don't you think!?

 Here's Amanda's version of the fairy.

The fairy pattern is now available from my Craftsy Store.

Happy birthday tomorrow Renee!!! Hope you have a really really special day!


  1. Love the fairy, she is delightful!

  2. I LOVE the fairy
    I wish I was confident enough to try
    It looks gorgeous finished - well done you xxx

  3. Very cute! Love the way you are finishing your cushions, as well... nice and tidy :-)

  4. I love the fairy, yours especially.

  5. Pretty fairy! who could resist! And go you for enjoying the fruits outside your comfort zone! Love the pretty floral dress and background too - so delightful!

  6. I love having friends who are a good deal either side of me age wise - it makes me feel both balanced and 'with it'!! Lovely work, as always cx

  7. Happy Birthday to you to. Cute fairy.

  8. The fairy has turned out great, and I love the colours you used.

  9. I love how Caroline used different fabric for the dress - genius!


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