Monday, 24 March 2014


I've been a bit distracted recently.

Wrestling with a big decision- the kind that consumes you and makes you feel as if your head is going to explode. The kind of decision that eclipses everything else to the point that you feel like you are living in a fog. So many factors to consider, so many reasons to do different things.
To follow my head; to follow my heart...
To follow my dreams or to follow my wallet...
ah decisions decisions!

By the end of the day I haven't had the energy to string words together in a meaningful blog post or to concentrate on paper piecing or quilting- sorry!

Luckily I found other ways to fill the creative void.

When I was a small girl I did quite a bit of counted cross-stitch and tapestry, but its been years since I have done any, however I was tempted to try it again by the gorgeous Frosted Pumpkin Once Upon a Time Sampler.

Each month I will be sent another part of the pattern. So far I've completed Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and the Frog Prince. I am now working on the Three little Pigs.

I'm afraid to say that this project is teaching me that my eyesight isn't what it once was. I really need to have good light otherwise I regret having chosen to use linen instead of aida. I really love the look of the linen so will keep persevering with it. I'm not ready for glasses yet, but I can definitely tell that when the light is not good enough or when I'm too tired to concentrate on cross-stitch.

It will surprise nobody to hear that Rascal has got her eye on this one and she is currently working on her own version of the princess in the Frog Prince pattern. I will share photos when she is a bit further on.

Oh and in case you are wondering, the decision has now been made, action has been taken and I am looking forward to moving on to new and exciting times including lots more blogging, sewing and pattern designing.

You can find my job at the Make Cafe advertised here if you're in Christchurch and looking for parttime work.


  1. Hope your decision gives you much happiness Juliet :-) Your crosss-stitch is so cute. I was just talking yesterday to Mum about her x-stitch - she always discards the aida cloth and will only stitch on linen too.

  2. I saw the job advertised and thought "yes"! Then read about it including Saturday's and thought "darn". Hope things work out for you, and I'll continue with my current job that allows me to do my important Saturday stuff.

  3. I look forward to hearing about your life changes! Hope it goes well. And I'm happy to see you're enjoying OUAT. I'm sitting stitching the border tonight.

  4. Love you stitching. Life should be easier now that you made your decision. Just be happy.

  5. Sounds like exciting times ahead for you! Isn't life full of twists & turns! Love the cute x-stitches. I too was a avid x-stitcher, that is before quilting took hold of my life! But last year I did a small piece on linen & did I moan about it! It's a wonder you didn't hear me from your place.
    Happy living!

  6. The sampler is looking great and cant wait to see Rascals! Sounds like its been a bit of a tough time for you - heres to onewards and upwards and you'll no doubt have lots of support in your next steps! Xxx

  7. I don't have the patience for x stitch! Yours is awesome.

  8. I am excited for you. You have the skills to make whatever you do work. Go confidently dear one x x x

  9. Glad your cross stitch has given you peace when your head has been busy. I know the decision was incredibly hard for you to make . . . and I know you will do great things :) welcome back to blogging .. .. ..


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