Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rainbows and Hearts

I've been doing a spot of knitting recently. This time I used yarn from yet another New Zealand Independent Dyer.

Hollyberry Designs is a new kid on the block and I'm pretty sure that her customer base is going to grow quickly. You'll think the same thing when you see the scrummy gradient yarn that she produces.

I decided that a Milo was a good pattern to knit up with this beautiful yarn. I originally wanted to make a dress but was worried that I wouldn't have enough yarn (I've still got a lot to learn about choosing the right quantity of yarn for the right project!). 

In the end, the Milo sort of turned into a dress (oops!) because Rascal wouldn't let me stop knitting until I reached the pink yarn of the gradient. Also because I forgot to use a smaller needle size for the shoulder straps, so the top part is a bit droopier than intended.

 Once she put it on, Rascal declared that it was the "Most Beautiful Dress Ever!!!"

(I think she likes it- don't you!?!)

This was my first time knitting with a gradient yarn and it's pretty addictive. It was amazing watching one colour seamlessly morph into another colour. The dress knitted up really quickly as it was one of those projects that you want to do just one more row... 
just until the colour changes... 
until I've finished this section etc...

Where do the hearts come into it you might ask... Well before I started knitting, I asked Rascal what decoration she would like. Without hesitating for a second (or knowing what patterns were on offer), she announced that she wanted hearts- its lucky that the pattern comes complete with a heart cable design (phew!).

I love the way it turned out and can think of no better combination than rainbows and hearts- can you!?

I promise that there is lots of quilting news to come soon. I just have to put the finishing touches on a few wee things.

I'm joining in with Show and Tell over at Sunshine x 3


  1. Wow ! I love that, do they come in my size? LOL!

  2. great work! Love the rainbows and hearts reminds me of carebears :o) x

  3. Lovely! Also thanks for sharing the link to her FB page, I'd been wanting some ombre/ gradient wool in grey and couldn't find it anywhere (until now). Thanks :)

  4. It's so cheery! No wonder she loves it. :D Look at that grin - pure happiness!

  5. I super love it. It is fantastic for her. Anyone wearing that would be instantly happy

  6. That yarn!!! oh my goodness oh my goodness - it's freeking delicious! I agree with Rascal! xx

  7. Very cool - and looks like lots of fun!!

  8. Its gorgeous Juliet - I just love seeing my yarn become finished objects! Well done she looks very pleased with it!

  9. I want this tunic in my size it's gorgeous
    You are really rather clever

  10. I love it! I will last for years :) I often crochet the kids stuff in a larger size, it's often a bit big and baggy for a season or so, but they get so much more wear out of them that way. Lucky little lady!


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