Monday, 24 February 2014


I've been meaning to show you this for a couple of weeks. I finished the dinosaur cushion that I made for the winner of my giveaway and then became distracted by other things. It lay in the corner waiting for me to take pictures of it; then to package it and finally to take it to the Post Office.
 I'm not proud of the amount of time that it took me to do all of those things, but they are finally done and the cushion is winging its way to the States.

I hope that its new owner loves it!
I was a bit worried that my wee man wouldn't let the dinosaur leave the house, but he has decided that the dinosaur is sad... I think I'll have to redesign the mouth if I make a dinosaur cushion or quilt for Scallywag (such a sweet boy!)

Also finished and sent to its new home is the butterfly that I promised to Kat. I really do love this combination of fabrics and may just have to make a third similar one for myself!

Both of these projects were on my Finish-along 2014 list.

Finish Along 2014


  1. The butterfly sure is gorgeous and the fabric you have used to finish the cushion is perfect! Well done on whittling away at that finishing list!

  2. I love the paper pieced. I have tried and failed a few times in the past. These make me want to practice and work on the skill as you can make some amazing things.

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  3. great work - I love that he thought the dinosaur was sad - so cute!

  4. Both great! yay for completed projects ;) x

  5. Cushion looks great and that border fabric is fun. Looks a bit like Seminole quilting. The colors on that butterfly are nice, I like all the blues.


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