Monday, 3 February 2014


Sometimes when I design patterns, its a battle. Lines are drawn, erased, moved and the process is repeated time and time again. It can take all evening and often I have to return to the pattern the next day.

Other times it seems that the pattern just arrives in my head completely formed. I can picture the whole pattern before I sit down at the computer and it is written in about 10 minutes flat. This often happens when the idea for the pattern has been festering away at the back of my mind for some time, and in quiet moments my mind has puzzled the best way to put the pieces together.

The Kowhai pattern is one of those patterns that just jumped onto paper. I think that these kind of patterns often stand out. The logic of the piecing is obvious and those sewing recognise it. Both of my testers certainly enjoyed sewing this block. Its creates an 8 inch block, but you are welcome to increase the size if you want to.

Here's Michelle's take on the Kowhai.

 And here's Raewyn. Don't you love how different the same block looks just because of fabric choices!?

The Kowhai Pattern is now available from my Craftsy Store.

Another pattern which arrived completed in my head is the Toi Toi pattern. If anybody would like to have a go at testing it they are very welcome. I really really want to have a go at this one myself, but I've got lots of other things to do before I have a chance at that... I know exactly the kind of fabrics that I want to use for the Toi Toi, I wonder if anyone else sees it the same way...


  1. Ooh the kowhai pattern is amazing! I would love to give it a try, although I've never sewn a 'paper pieced' pattern in my life! Might be a good challenge for me? :o) I've been admiring your patterns for a few months now!

  2. It is such a gorgeous pattern - they look awesome!

  3. Wow, I love Michelle's version of the Kowhai! Would love to do the toitoi but cant commit right now.... :-)

  4. They are both lovely patterns.

  5. The kowhai is lovely; like the toitoi as well, but don't have time for quilting at the moment between knitting, family and historical sewing.


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