Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Just one Helping Hand

Some of you may remember that just over a year ago my husband was in a car crash.

Another driver pulled out in front of him when my husband was driving 100km/h. Thankfully Mr Tartankiwi saw it happen and managed to react just in time.

Our car was a total loss, but apart from spending a night in hospital and having aching ribs for quite a few weeks, Mr Tartankiwi escaped unharmed (as did the other driver- who didn't even need to go to hospital!)
We were lucky. 
It could have been a very different story.

A few weeks ago I read this blog post. It really affected me reading about a father of three who was brain damaged as a result of a road accident. I knew how close we had come to the same situation and immediately felt that I wanted to do something to help the family.

If you are a knitter, living in New Zealand and like knitting top down patterns, then the chances are that you've come across patterns designed by his wife. Julia Stanfield  writes great knitting patterns and is a leading light in the New Zealand knitting world.

A couple of her patterns are on my wish list:

The Little Hoodlum Hoodie looks perfect for Scallywag
I've already ordered the yarn to knit a Primrose for Rascal

When I came across a facebook page arranging a fundraising auction for her Julia and her family, I decided to get involved.

Up for auction is this rainbow fantail cushion (designed and sewn by yours truly).
It is made with 100% cotton fabrics and has a covered zip on the back.
The cushion cover is designed to fit a 45cm cushion insert.
Postage is free within NZ, add another $3 for Australia and $5 for International Postage.

I don't normally sell my sewing or quilting, so this is a pretty rare chance to own a Tartankiwi original. If you would like to own this cushion cover then keep an eye on this facebook page and please give generously! The starting price is nice and low, so get bidding!!

The auction starts on 1st March.


  1. good for you girl! love your compassionate heart xx

  2. Lovely cause and a lovely thing to do Juliet - hope it sells for heaps and the funds raised really helps the family x

  3. So lovely of you to be part of this auction! I had no idea! My heart goes out to them x


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