Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sharing... is hard!

Its been longer than I care to admit since my last blog post and I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start writing. There are so so many thing that I should be writing- a round up of my Christmas crafting; a look forward to 2014; telling you about the holiday that we just had or showing you the knitting projects that I have just finished...

but instead I thought I'd share this with you.

If there is one thing that having two small children in the house reminds you, its that sometimes its REALLY hard to share!

At the moment, I totally understand their determination not to share and want to join in and shout "No, you can't have her!"

You see Miriam, one of the bright shining lights in the Christchurch blogging circle has just flown out of Christchurch and headed off to Adelaide for two years. 

We will miss her colour, her enthusiasm, her thoughtfulness, her laughter, her mad storytelling skills and so much more.

She taught me that you don't need a reason to dress up- wearing colourful dresses and having fun with your wardrobe should not be limited to a few days a year. Let your exuberant personality show and share your very best with the world at all times!
But I guess its only fair that we share her light with the rest of the world- right?

Good luck on your big adventure Miriam, I look forward to reading all about your exploits in Australia.

 I never know where my Australian bloggy friends live, so if any of you are in Adelaide, please please look after this special lady. We love her and feel certain that you will too!!!


  1. Hey I'm in Auckland and I feel the same - NO Australia you can't have her .. .. .. however, sharing is caring and that is what Miriam is all about *sigh*
    BTW I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas crafts and the knitting
    But now it's my turn to go on holiday so .. .. ..

  2. I know what that hole in your heart feels like. Start saving and go and visit her :). I am looking forward to seeing her write about her time in Adelaide though, it will be a very exciting adventure.

  3. No doubt she will be super missed - hope you are able to be sharing caring - those Aussies need her ;) xx

  4. Oh I know! Thank goodness she blogs! Can't wait to see what she gets up to over the ditch :))

  5. finally spending some time catching up with my special people, miss you too my lovely friend thank goodness for blogging and bravery aye or we'd never have met. Love you for all sorts of reasons xxx I agree come visit!


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