Monday, 27 January 2014

My Other Holiday Knitting Project

I recently discovered that the Mum of one of Rascal's wee friends dyes and sells the most amazing yarn. When you discover something like that it seems rude not to buy from them doesn't it!?

So I bought a skein. 

The moment that Rascal saw the yarn, she decided that it was for her. She was right, but I had fun teasing her that it was for me... for her brother...  for her Dad etc... Oh the howls of indignation!!!

I scoured Ravelry looking for a suitable pattern for the type and length of wool and finally settled on the PekaPeka Designs pattern Mykiss.

Before I bought it, I was worried that the pattern would be above the level of my knitting skills, but it was amazingly easy to knit. I am proud to admit that I managed the whole thing without checking youtube once (which is very unusual for me). I also memorised the pattern almost immediately so didn't have to check the pattern each time that I started a new row. 

It was a really satisfying knit as it came together really quickly.

Rascal loves her new cowl. Even though its the middle of summer, it has not been unusual over the last few days for her to suddenly announce that she has a cold neck and to run and put the cowl on! 

I love it when the things that I make for my kids go down this well, it makes it totally worthwhile. Lets just hope that she still loves it so much come winter!

Incase you're wondering, the yarn is from Featherbrush Yarns, and yes, I'll definitely be buying from her again...


  1. Gorgeous colour and I love the cowl. So pretty.

  2. Rachel's wool is gorgeous!

  3. Great pattern and the wool looks really pretty.

  4. Delightful colour and the design looks mpressive. I can hardly believe you managed to memorise it!

  5. So pretty! I'd have a cold neck too ;) Gorgeous and isn't it awesome when a pattern just clicks?


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