Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Mob of Meerkats

Every time that I take the kids to the zoo, one of the first enclosures that we stop at is the Meerkats. There is always something going on and these playful animals always put on a show for us. We have all grown to love the Meerkats and they are one of the highlights of a trip to the zoo.

Somehow it seemed only right to design a meerkat pattern- a meerkat mob!

The pattern consists of three 10 inch blocks, but you can easily add or subtract a meerkat or two to the design as you wish.

My pattern testers had fun with the pattern Angela sewed all four meerkats, but decided to use three meerkats for the project that she had in mind.

Leonie on the other hand decided to add an extra meerkat (one to represent each member of her family).

Since getting the pattern back from the testers I have changed the pattern slightly. The ground level is the same for all the Meerkats so you can add as many or as few meerkats as you want without having jumps in the ground level.

The meerkat pattern is in my Craftsy store already and is free for a limited time- enjoy!

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