Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Experimenting with designs

Hi there, just popping in briefly to let you know that I am not forgetting about you or the giveaway that I am running at the moment

I was really excited by some of the suggestions that came in and I am already in the process of working on a few of your designs.
I'm still not completely happy with this T-Rex, but he's getting better all the time!
I have decided that I'm not going to declare the winning design ideas on here until I have completely settled upon them. If I'm honest, its more than possible that I will actually design more than the necessary three designs and then make a decision based on my personal favourites and how well I feel they translate into a pattern.

I am pretty sure that there are more NZ flower designs to come. This one is a Kowhai
In the meantime if you want a sneak preview of some of the patterns, keep an eye on my instagram feed and you'll see the prototype patterns as they emerge.

If inspiration has only just struck as to what you think I should design, and you are kicking yourself for not having thought of something earlier, never fear! Feel free to add your suggestions to the list. I think that these designs will keep me busy over the Christmas holidays so the more the merrier!


  1. Looks like more great designs coming! :)

  2. I love the kowhai. Beautiful.

  3. My youngest would love that dinosaur! He'd also love a twister; got a thing for major weather events

  4. Loving them both, especially the dinosaur. my two boys are big fans of dinosaurs (and mosnters and aliens) so it's lovely to see a design that I know they will love.

  5. That kowhai is perfect! Love the dinosaur - looking good but I can see what you mean... maybe an extra leg? Still need to think of some ideas for you - i had one or two but they have disappeared into the black hole of my brain somewhere...

  6. I am in love with the kowhai :-) I hope you do more NZ plant designs


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