Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Beeswax Candles

This year I've been stressing myself out trying to think of cool presents to give to the various preschool teachers and the school teacher who have taught my children throughout the year. 

There are quite a few of them so the gift had to be relatively inexpensive (without looking cheap) and not too time consuming to make. 

All the various teachers know that I am a relatively creative type, so I began to feel the pressure...
What could I make?...
What would they like?...
What wasn't too boring and unoriginal?...
What had I given them last year?...
To be honest, it was driving me a bit nuts...
Then one night I decided to do an internet search for "gifts for kids to make". I found an idea that I liked, sourced the materials that we needed and waited for them to arrive.

You see it suddenly occurred to me that giving gifts to teachers is not about how clever or crafty Mum is...
Its not about how thoughtful or original Mum is...
Its not about how much money Mum has...
Its about thanking the amazing teachers who have been there for my children during the year. The beautiful ladies who have helped my children to grow; hugged them when they fell; laughed with them; encouraged them and taught them all kinds of amazing things.
So yesterday Rascal and I sat down together and made some beeswax candles using this method. It was fun! The results were pretty good (while still rough enough to be believable as the makings of a 5 year old!)

We will package them up nicely and label them as 'handmade by Rascal'.
I hope they will be appreciated- they smell divine!

Do you give teachers gifts, if so, what kind of gift do you give?


  1. oh lovely! I try to organise a group voucher at school for the teacher because it can end up being chocolate x20 for them and it means they get a lovely present but I always write a personalised card and sometimes make something too :o)

  2. Love these Juliet! And I'm sure the teachers will too :) will have to give it a go over the holidays! x

  3. Love this idea, Juliet. I would have been very, very happy to have received beeswax candles when I was teaching.

  4. That is a lovely idea! Perfect packing too to make them extra special!

    I've made fabric covered diaries in the past as teacher gifts. This year I went with tote bags :)

  5. what a super sweet idea!! Very clever!

  6. I normally make Russian fudge, but this year I'm going to try making moisturising bars. Fudge is my backup.

  7. So amazing! FYI your creativity and generally mad skills are very inspiring to me x Merry mad season!

  8. I love them! I'm always in awe of the dedication of the teachers in our lives so I try not to make just one "teacher gift" rather special things for each of them! It's a lot of work, but we've had been so lucky to have great teachers!

    I'm so going to try these out though, so cool!

  9. They look great. Can I ask where you go the beeswax from - I have been trying to find a reasonably priced source.

  10. These are great! This is our first year with teachers (albeit kindy ones), so I'm going for simple foodie treats x


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