Monday, 7 October 2013

Piecing a Pukeko

The man flu has hit our household.
(Or should I say the flu has hit the men of our household?- yes, you're right!! Same difference hee hee!)

So instead of enjoying the beautiful sunshine, I've been looking after sick boys this weekend, all the while doing my best to ensure that Rascal and myself don't catch it.

On Saturday night, I needed some distraction so I hid in my sewing room and sewed up another bird block. I chose the Pukeko this time. The pattern has been out for a while now, but this was my first chance to make it up.

As I sewed, I thought about challenges in paper piecing. When I list my patterns on Craftsy, I have to grade the difficulty. I find it difficult to know what other people find challenging, so I thought I'd ask.

I personally find steep angles on long narrow pieces the most difficult. There were a few of those kind of pieces in this pattern and although I didn't make any major mistakes, I did find that I had to concentrate really hard each time that I sewed one. I generally try avoid having these kind of pieces in my patterns, but unfortunately, it was unavoidable with this particular pattern.

I've got a piecing method for angles that works well for me now, but having made many many mistakes with those sort of pieces in my early days of paper piecing, the nerves remain.
Give me teeny tiny pieces over awkwark angles any day!
How about you, which pieces intimidate you the most?

Is it the teeny tiny ones?
Is it the awkward angles?
or is it something else entirely different?

Just four more blocks until the bird quilt top is complete. I love how its coming together!


  1. For me, difficulty = how many different sections have to be combined together at the end. The more there are, the greater the chance that I've got something out of alignment in one of them, so they won't line up with each other properly.

  2. I probably would have said teeny tiny pieces before. Before what? Your patterns actually. They are so well done and the pieces fit so well that I no longer fear tiny pieces or a thicker seam. Now it's the long angled matching segments, think mariners compass, that give me a bit of trouble/worry.

  3. I love how your quilt top is coming together! It's going to be breath taking once it's finished! So clever!!!

  4. Great looking Pukeko Juliet! Long (as in crosses 3/4 of the width of a block) skinny-ish pieces are a pit tricky, but am getting the hang of dealing with those so they dont move all over the show when trying to piece the rest of the section :) I've learned so much and am enjoying each new block more and more x

  5. I'm new to paper piecing, and I'm with you. I've had to undo a number of seams because I've not angled them correctly.


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