Thursday, 3 October 2013

Love this Beanie!

Signing up for the Red Riding Hood Yarn Club, I had a very set idea what I wanted to do with the yarn, but when the package arrived not only was the yarn scrummy, but the patterns included were pretty awesome too.

I was really pleased when I finished knitting Scallyway's milo and realised that I had enough yarn left to try the beanie pattern.

The pattern is called Thirty Seven and is designed by Kelly Brooker of Pekapeka Design Studio.

I will admit that I was a bit intimidated when I saw the cable pattern, but I took it slow and steady and was amazed how well the cable came together. My knitting must be getting better as I only started once and managed to successfully fix the few mistakes that I discovered.

The beanie is a bit on the big side but Scallywag loves it! So much so that in his excitement he ran around the garden hiding from me and my camera all afternoon- the cheeky monkey! Luckily I managed to click a few (semi)successful pics.
There he goes again!!!

Linking in with Show and Tell for the first time in ages!


  1. Go you - what a great beanie! It's no wonder that he loves it! xx

  2. ahhh he's so cute!! Love the beanie the cable looks very effective (and complex!) x

  3. Cable knit is my favourite, to look at, not knit obviously! It looks great juliet, especially on the fast moving model!

  4. Love it! Cables never cease to intimidate me, either, when I look at them but they come together so easily it's ridiculous I still feel like that. :) Btw, your growing collections of bird patterns is gorgeous.


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