Friday, 25 October 2013

Blessing Deb Auction - Just Started!

Just started over on Facebook! (Finishing Monday 28th 8pm)

Check out the Blessing Deb Auction Album on facebook as there are some really really cool items listed. 
I probably shouldn't tell you this as I would love to win this auction, but Leanne of Quilt me Kiwi has offered her quilting services to a value of $300. I have so many projects that have been stranded at the quilting stage that I really need to do something with oh to have someone talented finish them off for me!!! Leanne does absolutely exquisite work! 
Good luck bidding against me guys!!!

If you have been tempted to get hold of some of my NZ Native Bird Patterns, but haven't quite got your act together, now is your chance! I am offering a complete set of bird patterns and the starting price is lovely and low :-)
There are items by lots of talented crafters as well as some awesome vintage items donated by the amazing Max of Blackbird has Spoken

... But what are you still here for? Hop over to Facebook and have a look. Lets see if we can reach our target by the end of Monday night.
And please please share via facebook/instagram/twitter or 
you could share via your blog :)
Haven't heard about Blessing Deb?  You can read more about it here on our facebook page, or the story about Deb here and here and here

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  1. Wohoo exciting, I might have to get you to put in some bids for me xxx


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