Thursday, 31 October 2013

And One for Luck...

I think I'm becoming a bit addicted to designing paper pieced patterns! Its so relaxing to sit down with a picture and turn it into a pattern!

The lovely Leonie has done an amazing job of pattern testing for me. As a way of saying thank you, I offered to design a pattern for her. At the time I had just finished my 12th NZ bird block and had proudly announced that it was my final block in the series, so I smiled when a very polite email arrived asking if I would maybe possibly mind doing just one more NZ bird...

How could I refuse!!

Let me present the Karearea otherwise known as the New Zealand Falcon:

As you would expect, the first of my pattern testers was Leonie. Here is her version of the block:

I was thrilled to have Fiona of Celtic Thistle Stiches test the block too and had to laugh that her local rugby team is the Falcons. She intends to make up a falcon cushion and give it to her rugby mad family - I hope they don't mind that technically this Falcon is an All Black (hee hee!)

Here's Leonie's reaction when I sent her the pattern:

Oh man - how much do I love you??
you my dearest are just the bestest!
L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
- totally worth it don't you think?!?!
The Falcon pattern is now available from my Craftsy store. As usual it will be free for a limited time and then I will add a nominal charge.

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  1. girl.. you got some sweet, sweet skills xx

  2. love your designs so much - so unique. If you need any testers, please consider me - I do LOVE paper piecing and have been at it for quite some time!

  3. LOVE these
    You and your testers are all uber talented

  4. I love all of your bird blocks. This one is terrific, too!

  5. YOU are a legend - Thanking you again! xx

  6. These patterns just get better and better....keep going I say! especially as you love doing them so much :))

  7. Love this addition to your bird blocks! They are all just so fabulous!


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